bulmaster looking after your lighting needs

By ensuring the correct levels of lighting you will help reduce the possibility of accidents and mistakes in the workplace, help improve production, boost staff morale and enhance your company image.

Nothing looks worse than light fittings not working in your reception area, offices and work places, but who has the job to replace the broken light bulbs and fluorescent tubes and dispose of them safely?

BulbMaster serves all types of industry and commerce by maintaining lighting with the rapid replacement of light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and lamps.

By using BulbMaster both the problem of replacement and safe disposal are one less headache for you to think about, allowing you to concentrate on what you are in business for - to make a profit.

Have you thought?

Do you have the right lamp?

Where do you buy one from?

Whose job is it to change the broken bulb?

Do you comply with the ‘Work at Height Regulations’?

How do you remove the cover to get at the lamp?

How do you dispose of the old bulb or tube?

If you go to Services you can find out...


The availability of light, on demand, is indispensable for daily living and fundamental to any business.

With escalating energy costs and environmental issues, maintaining a cost effective lighting system is essential to any successful organisation.

Our commitment to customers, knowledge and experience combine to create a unique specialized service.

If you are just a small company or a large organisation you can benefit from working with us as a solution to your lighting requirements.

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